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Night Walk


About Night Walk


Night Walk is a horror game that tests your courage in the face of darkness. Do you dare cross a dark and scary Go park? Face your fear and overcome it!

The park scene is scary

The game starts when you can see the scene in front of you. The sound is extremely lively, making you feel like you are directly present in this place. You won't be able to see far because it's dark and raining. You can only move to explore this park. You control the character in the first person and observe everything that is happening in front of your eyes. Can you pass this challenge? If you are confident that you can, then start and enjoy this horror game now!

Explore characters in Night Walk

This game includes many secondary characters that appear during gameplay. You need to know the characteristics of each of these characters to know the right way to deal with it

  • The main character of this game is you. You are a person who loves walking, and you are not afraid of the dark. At night, you roam around the park
  • An abandoned infant crying can be seen in the park. You can choose to lead it or leave it alone.
  • An assassin in disguise is hiding in the dark. You must run away or perish if you encounter it.
  • There is a strange animal that resembles a dog or a wolf. If you stay too close to it for too long, it will attack you.