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Nightmare of Decay


About Nightmare of Decay


Get ready for a scary horror challenge in the game Nightmare of Decay. This is your adventure in a dark house. You will face extremely scary characters. In this game the villains are much scarier than the horror toys in fnaf games.

Features of the game Nightmare of Decay

Although the game is played from a first-person perspective in a fully 3D engine, it features PlayStation-style graphics. In the game, you will be imprisoned in a nightmare castle full of monsters, undead, and irrational believers. To try to survive, you must engage in a bloody conflict with a variety of weapons.

Game modes and main characters

To better understand this game, you need to know the game modes and the horror characters you are about to face.

Three game modes you can choose

  • Troop mode: In a limited space, you will have to fight hordes of monsters. To survive as long as possible, you can use a variety of tools and weapons.
  • Campaign mode: In the giant castle, you will battle and explore while searching for objects and hints to solve puzzles and find your way out.
  • Dungeon Mode: You will be imprisoned in an endless dungeon and forced to fight waves of monsters that are increasingly difficult to defeat. In the dungeon, you can collect weapons and level up to increase your power.

The villains

This game has a lot of horror characters that you have to deal with

  • Monster in the pit: It is a strange beast that resides in the deepest hole of the castle. It asks you to bring it three female heads because it likes to collect human heads. If you do, you will get some worthwhile rewards.
  • Black Cat: The only person in the castle who can talk to you is a black cat. It won't do you any good, but it won't harm you either. It tells you that you are trapped in a Nightmare and that escaping is a challenge.
  • Lord of Nightmare: The final enemy in the game is a tall man with a long sword and a black cloak. It is responsible for developing Nightmare and capturing its victims.