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Pizza Tower


About Pizza Tower


Pizza Tower gives you an extremely interesting adventure. Help our chef character destroy the pizza tower to protect his pizza shop. Are you ready?

Protect the pizza shop in this game

A Pizza Face came and said he wanted to destroy Peppino's store. The villain built a giant castle next to Peppino's pizza shop. Then, he will fire a giant bullet to destroy the small shop. The chef character needs to act immediately. Break into the castle and destroy them. Each floor of the castle has different bosses. When they are defeated, the castle will automatically collapse.

Mission of the main character in Pizza Tower

You will have many small missions in this game. However, your main purpose is to go through doors and kill monsters. You also may encounter many monsters in Play Time - Toy Horror Store.

Rescue the little characters

You will see some characters that resemble pizza ingredients imprisoned in the castle. Of course, except for some of the boss's minions, you need to save the victims in the castle. You can use fast speed and impact to destroy barriers or walls to save victims.

Destroy monsters

Monsters with strange appearances move around the castle. They guarded the castle so that no one could enter the castle. Use your speed to destroy these monsters. Your HP points will decrease if you are attacked by them. Try to pass all 5 levels. Each level will have many floors containing its secrets.