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Project: Playtime


About Project: Playtime


In the survival horror game Project: Playtime, you will face a terrifying monster named Huggy Wuggy. Do your best to solve the puzzle and escape safely the same way you escape in fnaf games.

This game consists of 2 chapters

There are two chapters in Project: Playtime game, each having a unique storyline and gameplay. In Chapter 1, you take on the role of a former employee of Playtime Co. who comes to the facility after receiving a puzzling letter from a friend who has disappeared. You can play with many other people in Chapter 2, discover new and interesting levels, and customize and improve your character.

About the characters in Project: Playtime

There are many different characters, each with their own role and personality. Let's explore the features and appearances of the characters in this game now

  • Protagonist: You control the main character in the first person perspective. Your character has an expedition at the abandoned toy factory. He wants to discover all the mysteries in this place.
  • Huggy Wuggy: a giant, ferocious beast. It can stretch the body and chase the player. Huggy Wuggy is a toy created to hug children and make funny noises. However, a secret experiment changed Huggy Wuggy, making him more vicious and murderous.
  • Poppy: is a popular doll from Poppy Playtime, a children's television show run by Playtime Co. Produced by Poppies. Poppy has blue eyes, pink hair and a cute voice. According to reports, Poppy is conscious and can talk to the player via VHS tape.
  • Mommy Long Legs: made to match Poppy. In Chapter 2, Mommy Long Legs appear. To get the code for the train, the player must join three of her games. Long Legs mother loves to mock gamers and has a rather harsh personality.