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Rainbow Friends


About Rainbow Friends


Rainbow Friends brings you extremely thrilling game rules. You will have to find enough objects to escape from the scary place in this game.

Welcome to the world of monsters

Recently, Rainbow monsters were created and became popular in the online gaming community. With their great height, they can attack anyone who comes close to them. You and other players are lost in a strange world and everyone wants to escape. The only thing you can do is collect the necessary blocks to escape here. However, monsters will roam everywhere and want to destroy you. Be very careful when moving and collecting blocks.

How to escape the dangerous place in Rainbow Friends

You won't be in one room doing missions like in Five Nights At Freddy's. You need to move around the map to search for the necessary blocks. If you are caught by a monster, they will smash you immediately.

Collect blocks and put them correct position

Blocks are the key for you to win this game. You need to move quickly and bring the blocks to the appropriate position. Time is limited while the number of blocks is quite large. That's why you need to act quickly. The other players will be your teammates. Just find enough blocks and place them in the specified position within the allowed time, you will complete the mission.

Don't be found by monster

The monster is looking for the players. Try to avoid encountering the monster. If you are seen by a monster, quickly hide in the box. This will help you ensure the safety of your character.