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Residence of Evil


About Residence of Evil


Residence of Evil is a horror game where creepy creatures can appear at any time. Try to survive and destroy these monsters with a limited amount of bullets.

Horror plot

At one location, a dark force dominated the place. There is no longer any life left here. The army sends in a strong soldier to find out what's going on. You will transform into this soldier and destroy this deadly place. The game has a dark atmosphere and scares that will startle you. Encounters with monsters and zombies make the game even more terrifying. Besides, don't forget to join the horror night in Christmas: Night Of Horror.

How to play Residence of Evil

Explore thoroughly

Take your time to thoroughly explore each area of the mansion. Search for clues, items, and hidden passages that may unlock new areas or provide insights into the game's story and puzzles.

Manage resources

Resources like ammunition and healing items are limited in the game. Use your weapons wisely and aim for accurate shots to conserve ammunition. Be strategic in your combat encounters and avoid unnecessary confrontations when possible. Only use healing items when necessary to ensure you have enough supplies to progress.

Combat effectively

When engaging enemies, aim for headshots whenever possible, as they can deal more damage. Try to create distance between yourself and your enemies to give yourself more time to aim and react. If you lack of resources, it's better to hide from enemies instead of engaging them directly.