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Resident Evil 4


About Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 is a survival shooting game where you can only fight to survive. Use your weapons to destroy the onslaught of zombies to survive to the end.

Your goal in this game

Zombies are invading the earth and they want to attack you in this game. Do not worry! You've got the gun in your hand and it's time to fight. Remember that only fighting against these horrible creatures can survive. They will constantly move towards you to attack you. Show yourself as a good shooter in this game.

How to survive in Resident Evil 4

This game is appreciated because of its first-person perspective. This perspective allows you to become the main character and have the most realistic experience. Sometimes, you will be startled by these zombies.

One shot one kill

Your character will not be able to move so this is very disadvantageous when you are attacked. You can only kill monsters that come close to prevent them from approaching you. You can't move, so you can't dodge zombies' attacks. So, kill the undead before they can get close to you. These monsters will move faster and faster when you are at high levels. Therefore, you also need to shoot them as quickly as possible. Besides, you also need to ensure the accuracy of the bullets.

Reload bullets

Your gun needs to be constantly loaded. The maximum number of ammo per reload is 10. After you have fired all 10 rounds, you must immediately reload. Zombies won't wait for you to reload. Get this done as quickly as possible. Suggestions for you are to reload when the gun only has 1-2 rounds. This makes it possible to shoot continuously, and these fearsome monsters. There are many battles against zombies in other games like Dead Zed. Good luck and hope you can survive for a long time!