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Skibidi Toilet Games Online

About Skibidi Toilet Games Online


Skibidi Toilet Games Online is a perfect combination of many game genres. You need to reach your destination and be undetected within the given time.

If you only see a combination of two games together in Jeff the Killer vs Slendrina, this game will integrate Skibidi Toilet games, stickman games and Squid games. Are you curious how this game works? Come to the game and find out which question.

The only goal in this game

This can be said to be a survival running game. If you stand still, your stickman character will surely be defeated. However, if you run incorrectly, you will still lose this game. You need to survive to the end. Getting to your destination before time expires is what you need to do.

Familiar gameplay in Skibidi Toilet Games Online

This game is inspired by Squid Games's Red Light Green Light. Some people already know how to play this game. I will still walkthrough on how to play.

Run and stop at the right time

In fact, there will be no green light in this game. Beware of the giant Skibidi Toilet figure behind the finish line. If it has its back to you, run fast to get close to the finish line. However, as soon as this villain's eyes look at you, you have to stop immediately. Otherwise, your stickman will be shot.

Pass many levels

Levels will be unlocked in turn when you have passed the previous level. Each level will limit one minute for every player to complete the task. There will be many other stickmen also participating in this game. In the end, there weren't many stickmen alive.

Game control: You just need to click and hold the left mouse button to move forward. Then, release the button to stop. You will have a chance to play this fun game and listen to the hot trend music.