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Run Zombie Run


About Run Zombie Run


Run Zombie Run gives you a very important mission. You need to directly destroy the zombies in the city with 8 bombs. Move around the city to place explosives.

Your main mission in this game

You are a brave soldier and are brought to an extremely dangerous city. The zombie plague has spread throughout the city. No one survived and you need to destroy this whole city to avoid spreading to the whole world. You will place 8 explosives in 8 different locations in the city. While moving, you will probably see a lot of undead. Let's show off your skills by killing these undeads.

Your missions in Run Zombie Run

You will have no teammates in this game. You alone have to explore and complete the quest. The number of zombies is too much and they will bite any survivor. These bloodthirsty zombies will attack you as soon as they see you.

Shoot down the enemies

In this game, you can hit the zombies with some weapons. You can aim to shoot zombies in the distance with your gun. Use the weapons you have to destroy the undead before they reach you. Note that when using guns, they will run out of ammo. The bullets can be found in some corners or on the ground. Let's start your mission.

Avoid being attacked

Scary zombies can appear and attack you anywhere. They can hit you from behind when you are not paying attention to your surroundings. Each time you are attacked, you will lose some HP. If this number drops to 0, the game is over. In this game you can use grenades but be careful with them. Throw grenades away from you or you will also become a victim of these grenades. For another horror game, you also can play Into The Dead Trigger where you also encounter many zombies.