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Slope 3


About Slope 3


Slope 3 is the third version of the Slope series. You will continue the adventure of a ball in a strange world. The endless modes will challenge your limits.

Moving at crazy speed

The ball in this game has amazing speed. It moves forward automatically and your task is to balance and navigate it. Why is it necessary to navigate it? At this fast speed, the ball will break into pieces if it collides with obstacles on the road. This task seems simple but it is quite difficult to master.

Tutorial to play Slope 3

This simple gameplay, you just need a little time to understand the gameplay of this game. To be able to go the furthest distance, you need to perform some of the following actions.

Avoid falling off the road

The path you have to travel is extremely narrow. You just need to be a little careless, your ball will fall into the air. At this point, you'll have to start all over again. So, to be able to go as far as possible, always keep the ball in the middle of the path. Combination of moving left and right to be able to accomplish the above purpose.

Avoid hitting the obstacles

Pink blocks are something you need to dodge in this game. It acts as traps in the game Geometry Dash Bloodbath. With just one tap, your ball will break into many different pieces. Be very careful when going through the tunnel with lots of pink blocks.

Game control

If you play on your mobile phones or tablets, tap on the screen to control the ball to jump or move left or right. If you play on the PC, you will combine the left and right arrows to navigate the ball.