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Slope Run


About Slope Run


Slope Run tells the story of a ball in the universe. You will help this ball move on special paths. With a mistake, the ball will fall into the scary space.

This is a running game to relax. If you are scared of the creepy scenes in horror games, you can move to this fun game. You can see many sparkling stars in the vast galaxy. You can discover many different planets if you complete many adventures.

Challenge yourself with two modes

This game has two modes which have unique features. You will control the ball in an endless mode in infinite mode. If you want to see many beautiful planets, you can choose the mini map mode. It's up to you. You also can try all of these modes in turn to participate in exciting adventures.

Move as far as possible in Slope Run

The road in this game is very unique because it's a tube. This tube is made from tons of platforms. However, this tube also has many gaps which can trap your ball.

Avoid the dangers

You need to know the dangers in the game first. They are the gaps and weak platforms. They are the main reason for your defeat. You will directly fall into the galaxy if you are stuck at the gap. Besides, the weak platforms can be destroyed as soon as your ball touches them. Therefore, it's better to dodge them.

Collect coins and change ball color

Another important task in this game is to gather coins which can be found along the space tunnel. Of course, you still pass a level if you don't grab them. Some colorful platforms will appear on the road and they can change the ball color. You just need to move across these platforms to customize your ball color. Now, many interesting things are waiting for you in Slope Run.