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Tap Tap Shots


About Tap Tap Shots


Tap Tap Shots is an online basketball simulation game. You will still try to bounce the ball into the basket for a certain amount of time. Have fun!

Simple graphics

The background in this game is not designed with intricate details. You will only be able to see a black background. This can also help you focus more on the ball with your basket. Don't worry because the ball bounces very smoothly. I'm sure this game will win your heart because of its impressive visuals.

Tap to shoot the ball into the basket in Tap Tap Shots

You find that this game is as easy to play as Slope Ball. You just need to use the left mouse button to play if you enjoy this game on the computer. Now, I'm going to introduce some rules of this simple game.

Bounce the ball into the basket

The basket's position will change randomly and your mission is to shoot the ball into it. You don't have much time to look at the basket position because the timer is limited. You only have some seconds to make the ball into the ring. After that, you continue to bounce another ball. You stop this activity until the ball is out of the basket.

Get the high scores

Each time the ball enters the basket, you will score 1 to 3 points. You will continuously score points. This game requires you get many ponit by shooting ball into the basket. If you have a high score, you can even appear in the leaderboard. Only players with high scores worldwide can enter the leaderboard.

Game control: click or tap on the screen to play this game.