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The Baby In Yellow

About The Baby In Yellow


Welcome to The Baby In Yellow horror challenge. You play a babysitter at a big house. The strange thing here is that this child has very scary yellow eyes.

The plot in this game

Game Plot In the movie The Baby In Yellow, a babysitter is tasked with taking care of a strange baby. Meanwhile, its parents seem to be absent for unknown reasons. Babysitters are required to care for infants for three nights. You are the babysitter who does things like attend to the needs of the newborn before going downstairs. You need to make things right while they wait for the child's parents to return. But this is not easy because this baby is not like other babies. Strangely, the baby's house often exhibits anomalous phenomena.

Your mission in the game The Baby In Yellow

Simple chores like feeding a baby when he is hungry and giving him a bottle of milk, changing his diaper in the bathroom when he gets dirty, and putting a baby to sleep in a crib in his room are all jobs that are loved. bridge. However, most of the time you cannot do your work quickly as some problems happen. Due to this child's quirks, doing these activities is a challenge. It has a plot and always seems to want to scare you. The newborn baby, with its fiery red eyes and yellow suit, is a terrifying sight. It can also hover, teleport, and attack you at any time.