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The Island Of Momo

About The Island Of Momo


The Island Of Momo design a terrible monster called Momo. Your objective is to shoot down all Momo and her sidekicks and survive as long as possible.

Survive and escape from the horror island

You are stuck on a strange island. Your goal is to survive on this island as long as possible. Watch out! The Mono monster and her sidekicks will attack you anytime. Therefore, you have to collect the weapons and fight against them. Try to aim accurately and kill them at a long distance. Run as fast as possible to avoid their attack if you don't want to lose soon. Don't forget to pay attention to your health points at all times. Don't let your HP runs out! Attempt to collect the red health diamond which helps you to regain your lost blood. You need to save your bullets as they aren't infinite. Do your best to kill the opponents with two or three shots. Use the knife to fight if you run out of bullets. You can throw the grenade to destroy these creatures. Note that it's foggy, so your vision can be limited. You must look carefully to find Momo on the island. Break a leg!

How to play

Press WASD or ARROW keys to move around

Press the "SPACEBAR" key to jump

Press the "X" key to the prone

Press the "CTRL" key to crouch

Press the "SHIFT+W" key to run

To throw grenades, let's use the "G" key t

Press the "F" key to pick up the item

Press the left mouse button to shoot

Rotate the mouse wheel to change the weapon.