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The Last Man


About The Last Man


You are the only alive person in The Last Man. Now, you have to face tons of terrible aliens. Don't let them approach you and kill you. Good luck to you!

This action game is for brave players. Sometimes, you will be startled because of the alien appearance. The music and sound effects also make the game more thrilling. Be calm and get the victory! You also can enjoy many horror fights in Zombie Shooter 3D.

Escape from dangers

An emergency call from the Aluc alien life unit center has been received by the special force team on the planet. After receiving the call, the team did not get any response from the alien center. Therefore, they decided to go to the Aluc planet to examine that what happened. Your character is one of the members of that special team. Now, he is doing the mission which is to battle with a weird creature having no eyes. This creature is 10 feet tall and has huge claws as hands. The creatures are too many, so the team is killed. You are the only survival soldier and you must escape hell now.

Guide to getting a victory in The Last Man

The atmosphere in this base is extremely quiet and scary. The entire electrical device was broken. Your only light is the flashlight in your hand.in Look for the exit in this intricate maze.

Kill monsters with guns

The aliens are afraid to appear everywhere. They will attack you as soon as they have a chance. Always observe the surrounding situation to be able to ensure the safety of your character. Do not let terrible monsters get close to the character. With just one hit, they will tear your soldiers apart.

Pick up weapons and items

Along the way, you will probably see iron boxes. Destroy them to discover what's inside. You may see grenades or some other items in The Last Man. Before shooting at the iron box, pay attention to the surroundings first.