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The Man from the Window


About The Man from the Window


Start exploring the mysterious house in the game The Man from the Window. There is a horrifying fact: a dangerous creature named The Man Window.

Player's Mission

Finding a way out of the mysterious house without being attacked by The Man Window is your goal in The Man from the Window. You will need to find keys, solve puzzles, and deal with scary situations. Depending on your decision, the game consists of three alternate endings. You can kill the monster with a small gun.

Characters in the game The Man from the Window

This game includes four main characters that need to know, including:

  • The Man: The game's main antagonist is a mysterious creature that kidnaps fans of his books. Within five minutes of the book being read, he would find Mama Rabbit and Audrey.
  • Mama Rabbit: A retired grandmother is the main character in both games. You will influence her to locate the missing book pages and hide Audrey from the Man.
  • Junior: Mama Rabbit's son is now an adult and works for a shipping company. He only calls Mama Rabbit for most of the game, which he remembers.
  • Audrey is Mama Rabbit's niece and Junior's mother. She is the target of The Man, so you need to protect her by finding a hiding place.