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Trollface Quest: Horror 1

About Trollface Quest: Horror 1


Trollface Quest: Horror 1 challenges the pro players with many levels. Click on characters or objects to troll someone in scary ways and make them frightened.

Complete all the levels in this game

This game offers 16 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Each level features a clip from famous horror movies including Saw, Scream, Anabel, Frankenstein, and Hanibal. Don't wait anymore! If you are a big fan of these movies, don't ignore this game. This game requires your smart. You don't have much time or many chances to complete a level. Therefore, be quick and exact!

Scare someone in Trollface Quest: Horror 1

To complete your task, you need to click on the objects and characters. You need to find out the secrets of the characters and objects you click on. With no timers, this game allows you spend hours on thinking and solving the puzzle. Don't worry when you face the difficult puzzle because you can use the hints. One tip is to drag the mouse from up to down to help the character transform. Try your best to complete the scene to step up to the next level. Besides, you also can experience many levels in Friday Night Funkin'.

Game control: click the left mouse on the character to play.