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Alone II


About Alone II


Alone II is a horror role-playing game and you will have to face your fears. Scary monsters are lurking somewhere around you. This makes the game even scarier.

The horror in this game

When the character left the house someone hit something on his head and dropped him to this place. He's no idea where he is now. The only thing he heard was a car driving. You need to help the main character escape from the creepy place. Be careful because of many monsters around.

Face the fear

You are the only one living here. This horror game is set at night. You will see a few dim lights along the way. Endless darkness covers this place. You can feel the eyes following you. Creatures are able to appear from the dark and kill you. Let's quickly find a way out of this place.

Why you should play Alone II

If you love the horror game genre, you cannot ignore this game. Survival gameplay brings excitement to players. Threats that startle you. Make sure you have a spirit of steel before joining this game.

Vivid graphics and sound

This is a 3D role-playing game, so every detail is very realistic. You can even adjust the definition while playing the game. You can choose low, medium, or high definition. Scary sounds from a dark place will send chills down your spine. When monsters appear, the sound will also startle you.

Horror atmosphere

You will have to escape an abandoned location. You won't see a single person living here. Use your skills to escape from this. Quiet spaces with dim lights will make your heart beat faster. We also want to introduce you to the game Maze of Death which is also a famous horror title.