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Maze of Death


About Maze of Death


Maze of Death has a thrilling storyline and it takes you to an ancient place. Finding the way to escape from the maze and battling with monsters is your task.

Coming to this game, you can participate in a dark journey. Face the dangers and death with your intelligence and ingenuity. Your mission is to find the exit, but you also need to kill strange creatures.

Simple control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to run around the maze to find zombies.
  • use the mouse to look around the maze and identify the positions of zombies
  • Click the left mouse button to take down enemies.

Find the exit in Maze of Death

Suddenly one day, you wake up and find yourself in a creepy maze. There is no life here. You want to get out of here because yo know that this maze hides many scary things. Note that clues are really impotant. Beware of dangerous creatures.

Discover the secret of the labyrinth

This enchantment is not yet an extremely dark secret. On your way to find the way out, you will discover these secrets. You will have to make perfect strategies and the right decisions in seconds to be able to solve the puzzles. These puzzles are the clues to help you escape the maze.

Kill creepy creatures

The rotting zombies are coming towards you like in Kill The Zombies. They will attack you as soon as they reach you. Before this happens, destroy them immediately. With a rich arsenal of weapons, you can protect yourself. However, you also need to save because the number of ammo is limited in Maze of Death.