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Baby Survival Challenge


About Baby Survival Challenge


Baby Survival Challenge is a great combination of horror game and survival game. You need to pass many levels to be able to win this game. Good luck!

I think the Squid Game is very familiar to everyone. The rules of this game are inspired by this famous movie. However, the scene in this game will be as creepy as in a horror movie. You also meet a familiar character who is a strange baby in the game The Baby In Yellow.

Enjoy many levels

When you complete a quest, you will level up. Of course, you have to make sure your character survives to be able to complete the mission. Each level will present you with difficult challenges. You need to use your skills and wisdom to overcome them.

Survive to the last in Baby Survival Challenge

If you do not know the rounds of Squid game, you are worried because you do not know how to play. Don't worry, I will introduce them in this game

Run to the finish line

You can see the red finish line where you need to get to before time runs out. If you just run to the finish line, it's too easy. Therefore, you need to avoid being seen by the giant baby. When the baby turns away from you, run as fast as you can. However, if he looks at you, you need to stop the date immediately. Keep repeating like this, you will reach your destination safely.

Cut candy according to the given shape

You need to remove the outer edges of the candy. You can see a pre-drawn circle on the candy. As long as you make this candy look like it is, you win this round.

Walk on the glass bridge

The shards of glass will form a bridge. You need to keep in mind pieces of glass that are sturdy and passable. Do not step on weak pieces of glass as they can fall at any time.


This round is pretty simple. You just need to click as fast as you can to win. Pull your opponent towards you. Otherwise, you will be the loser in the Baby Survival Challenge.