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Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod


About Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod


Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod forces you to find 7 notebooks to complete this game. The villain in this game is Scary Teacher who wants to punish his students.

Unique graphics and characters

The graphics of this game are not as realistic as those in Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel, but it makes this game extremely unique. The villain has red lips and scary eyes. In his hand he had a long wooden stick. It is used to punish students who break the rules. Simple graphics will not make you spend too much time loading data.

Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod gameplay

7 notebooks with different colors will be placed in different rooms. What you need to do is move to find them. Scary Teacher will give you 3 math questions to challenge you. After completing the questions, you will get the notebook. However, wrong answers will result in penalties. When you answer incorrectly, immediately take your notebook and move to another room. Scary Teacher will chase you and want to punish you. At this point, your time will run out so you have to move quickly to find the next notebooks.

Game control:

You can see the buttons on the screen and use them to move, run and react with objects.