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Counter Craft 2: Zombies


About Counter Craft 2: Zombies


Counter Craft 2: Zombies take you to a strange world where you have to face a lot of zombies. These zombies are dangerous but their appearance is not so scary.

A fierce battle between humans and zombies

The battle between zombies and humans has always been loved and developed by game makers. This game is also inspired by minecraft graphics. These graphic designed zombies will not be so scary as in Dead City: Zombie Fire. However, their danger does not decrease. You have to kill enough zombies to go to the next level.

Kill zombies in Counter Craft 2: Zombies

You see no life in this world. Green zombies are everywhere. They will actively find you to attack.

Weapon Use

You can exchange weapons to use. Your main weapon is a gun to take down targets from a distance. This keeps your character from being damaged by zombies' close attacks. Don't let them approach your character. Remember that pistols will aim at close range. You need to change weapons quickly. Sometimes you need to reload your gun. This will take some time.

Beware of dangers

Zombies can suddenly appear anywhere. Therefore, you must always observe the situation around you. Besides zombies, you also need to pay attention to explosive barrels. They can be used to kill zombies next to them. However, if you stay near these dynamite crates while they explode, you will also lose this game. Always remember the advantages and disadvantages of explosive barrels.