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Dead City: Zombie Fire


About Dead City: Zombie Fire


Dead City: Zombie Fire is set in the apocalypse where zombies invade the world. You are a soldier with a mission to kill zombies and rescue innocent people.

Background in this game

The apocalypse with scary zombies moving around is a familiar setting for horror games. This game once again makes this scene more attractive to the audience thanks to its realistic and impressive graphics. The city was engulfed in a damp and dark air. Innocent people are afraid of harm and waiting for your help. You have to shoot zombies to prevent them from attacking humans.

Complete levels in Dead City: Zombie Fire

Your rescue journey will be divided into levels with corresponding difficulty. At first, the number of zombies is small and they will be quite weak so you can easily kill them. However, the number of zombies is increasing and it is only you in this battle. Don't forget another battle against zombies in Run Zombie Run.

Shoot zombies

Look at the mini map, you can determine the location and direction of the zombies. They are the red dots on the map and you are the green arrow. Once you know in which direction they will appear, point your gun in that direction and be ready to fire. Use the gun's target to aim. Zombies can approach you from all sides, so you need to be on your guard.

Stay away from the undead

Zombies will attack you by pulling close to you. So, keep a position away from zombies and shoot. You can change weapons to knives if zombies have approached you. At this point, close-range weapons will come into play. Above all, I still recommend keeping your distance from these undead.