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Deads On The Road


About Deads On The Road


Deads On The Road is a battle of brave soldiers against zombies. Use your weapons to destroy as many undeads as possible. How far can you go?

Zombies invade a city in this game

A city has been invaded by zombies and special forces soldiers are sent to this place. Their mission is to destroy these zombies. This is probably the most dangerous war when there are too many zombies in this game. You can only fight until your character falls.

Survive for a long distance in Deads On The Road

There will be no levels or end points in stages. You can only end the game after your character is killed. If you like horror games, you can experience 21 Rooms. You must survive until day 21 in that game.

Kill zombies

The zombies with scary shapes will actively attack you. Weapons in your hand are guns and swords. Use them to kill zombies. Moving forward is your final target and don't let any zombies stop you. While moving, always attack the enemy. The more zombies you kill, the more bonuses you get.

Unlock multiple stages

You have to pass a total of 8 stages in this game. However, only the stage forest is available for you to experience. You can unlock stages in the city, desert, barn, farm, beach, ladle or castle. You must have enough coins to unlock them. You can get more coins when more undead lay down.

Game control: Click the left mouse button to attack zombies.