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Death Run 3D


About Death Run 3D


You can challenge your agility with Death Run 3D. You will play this running game in the first person and avoiding blocks is what you need to do.

Move in a special tube

Instead of running on a road like Geometry Dash Lite, you will move in a tube. This tube is created by many blocks. Some blocks stand in your way and you must dodge them. Otherwise, you will lose the game. With neon color, the tube looks so gorgeous. Sometimes, these neon colors can distract you.

Tutorial to play Death Run 3D

You can move to four corners of the tube to avoid dangers. In this game, you will automatically run forward with crazy speed. If you make a little mistake, the game will end.

Stay away from the blocks

As you know these blocks are the dangers you have to face. They even can move unpredictably. Thus, you just can reflex quickly when coming close to them. Let's find the gap to go through. Remember that avoiding the blocks is key to being successful. You can improve your skill through many failures. Believe me! You can conquer this game if you're patient.

Choose four mode

This game has four modes which are Maelstrom, Superluminal, Hyper Maelstrom, and Hyper Superluminal. Some players can't spot the differences between the modes. However, if you are a pro, you may know them. The speed and the dangers will change in these modes. Especially, the blocks' movement will surprise you when you experience each mode.

How to control

In this game, to move to four corners, you can use arrow keys. If you play this game on your mobile, you just tap on the screen.