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Drift Boss


About Drift Boss


It's time to show that you're the king of Drift Boss. Turn left or right to avoid falling down the space. Collecting coins is one of your important missions.

Join the endless road

This game has no end point so you just drive the car until it falls into space. This game can test your limits. Let's see how far your car can move. You also can compete with your friends. Who will get more coins and move further? I'm sure this will be a fun competition. The game won't be blocked at the school or office, so you can play them during your break time.

Guide to move far in Drift Boss

You may wonder about the gameplay. The key is to keep the car on the road which is very narrow and has many curves. Your car may plunge into the air because of these curves.

Make some awesome drifts

To solve the problems of curves, you just need to drift over them. When you come close to the curves, immediately click the mouse to turn left. Then, release to turn back. You must estimate the distance and time to turn accurately. Otherwise, you will fail in this game. Practicing is always the best way to enhance your drift skills.

Buys some upgrades

In this game, coins can be used to purchase three main upgrades which are double scores, car insurance and coin rush. Each upgrade will bring different benefits to you. For example, car insurance can help you replay the last position where your car fell into the air. Moreover, you also can get more points with double scores. You also can use coins to buy some new cars. They're free as in Drift 3. Now let's show off your ability with these upgrades!