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Electron Dash


About Electron Dash


Electron Dash is a fun running game where your task is to run as far as possible. Control astronauts through deadly traps in space right away. Good luck!

Put your name on a leaderboard

The leaderboard will show off the high scores around the world. The highest score now is 123059. This means that this player has traveled a very long distance. Therefore, your name can also appear on the leaderboard if you get a high score. To achieve this, it will take you quite a bit of practice.

Some steps to get high scores in Electron Dash

The following steps sound simple but are quite difficult to master. For beginners, they need time to get used to the operations in this game.

Jump over gaps

The path that the astronaut traverses is like a tube. It is made up of multiple platforms and some of the tracks are missing some platforms. From there, gaps appear and they are like traps waiting for you. Just falling to the gaps, you will lose a life. The number of lives the character has will be the number of hearts displayed on the screen. So jump over these gaps or find another side in the tube to move.

Overcoming other obstacles

Besides gaps, weak platforms are also quite dangerous. When you put your foot on them, they will fall and form gaps. If you don't jump out of them quickly, you will also fall into gaps. In addition, the red laser crossing between the road segments will also adversely affect your character. He will also lose a life if hit by these red lasers.

How to extend the distance in this game

Moving far distance in this game can help you get more points. However, how to accomplish this goal is still an open question. Pay attention to the hearts on the way. Collecting them will give you more chances to continue your journey if you fall through gaps or hit laser beams. This will help extend your journey and distance. For more running game, you can try Death Run 3D where you can run in the first person.