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Freddy's Nightmares Return Horror New Year


About Freddy's Nightmares Return Horror New Year


Freddy's Nightmares Return Horror New Year is a horror game that offers two modes. The villains are familiar as they are the animatronics in the FNAF series.

The dark atmosphere

With 3D graphics and first-person perspective, you will have a realistic feeling when experiencing this game. With a gloomy atmosphere, the jumpscares will startle you. You can experience two modes with different game rules. You can fight the animatronics or escape from them. With simple controls, you can play this game on both your computer or phone. You need to survive in this game. Besides, you might love some survival horror games like Five Nights At Shrek’s Hotel.

Two modes in Freddy's Nightmares Return Horror New Year

There are two modes including escape and fight, each with a different gameplay. Come explore various modes with me!

Escape mode

In escape mode, you need to try to escape from the horror house. The animatronics will always move around to hunt you. You will have no weapons in this mode. So, you can only try to run away from dangerous animatronics in this mode.

Fighting mode

In this mode, you will own a powerful gun that can be used to attack enemies. The animatronics in this mode have great speed and attack power. Aim at the animatronics and shoot accurately! The number of bullets is limited so you need to find a lot of bullets. How many animatronics can you beat in this game?