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Funny Shooter 2

About Funny Shooter 2


Funny Shooter 2 is a shooting game where you turn into a gunner. Your mission is to knock enemies down. Then, you can complete the level and encounter the boss.

Fight alone

Alone you will have to fight an entire army in this game. You are the best marksman in the army and assigned an important mission. You alone must destroy the enemy base. Your opponents are very aggressive and ready to attack anyone. Their number is very large, so face to face battles are not a wise choice. Kill each enemy from a far position with your gun. Are you alone against an entire army?

Walkthrough the gameplay of Funny Shooter 2

Unlike Mr Meat House Of Flesh, you have powerful weapons to attack enemies. There will be 10 levels in this game and the boss will appear at the last level. How to pass each previous level?

Shoot enough enemies

Each enemy base will have a certain number of troops and the game will also give you the number of enemies you need to destroy. You just need to complete this goal, you will level up. Your goal will become increasingly difficult as the soldiers will become more and more intelligent. When the number of enemy troops is small, they will detect you and attack you at the same time. At this point, move to avoid their attack and attack them at the same time.

Collect coins

When an enemy lays down, a gold coin will appear. Come and collect them all. These coins can be used to buy some items and weapons in the shop. Moreover, you also can purchase some upgrades to be stronger. Remember that the boss is very powerful and you also need to improve your skill.