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Geometry Dash SubZero

About Geometry Dash SubZero


Experience the familiar rules in this game

Geometry Dash SubZero is a running game and your task is to control a cube. Make your way through deadly traps to ensure your protagonist's safety.

With the familiar obstacle avoidance gameplay of this series, you will not spend much time getting used to the gameplay. You also can find the rules in Geometry Dash Breeze.

Do not touch danger

Here is the key to help you succeed in this game. You just need to keep your character away from spikes or monsters. As such, you can go to the end of the road and complete your mission. Quickly click on the mouse to be able to complete the only level in this game. You need to go through the portals of each stage before you can reach your destination.

Tackle problem

This game has only one level but you need to solve more problems than you think. In this game, your character can change gravity. You will take advantage of this to avoid some spiky traps. However, this action will be more difficult than jumping over obstacles.

Some selections for you in Geometry Dash SubZero

You have the opportunity to experience many skins in this game. Each character's status is different, the character will have different skins. All of them are available in this version so you don't need to unlock them or buy them. You can customize game music and SFX on the main menu. Don't forget to complete some achievements to receive certain gifts. Share this game with your friends who also love the Geometry Dash series. They will appreciate your suggestions.

Game control

Click the left mouse button or the spacebar to take control of the character to jump over hazards.