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Granny 2 Asylum Horror House


About Granny 2 Asylum Horror House


Granny 2 Asylum Horror House is the second part in the Granny horror game series. The background of this game will also be changed in this part.

Creepy old rooms

This interesting game is drawn with 3D style and realistic graphics that make many people feel scared. The colors of the asylum house are very dark and the dim lights make the game more scary. There are many old rooms and blood stains, making it easy to get lost in this large building. Dangerous monsters may suddenly appear in the room.

Survive in asylum horror house in Granny 2

One day, you wake up and find yourself in an abandoned building. This is an asylum house with no living people. You must find a way out in this large house. You can experience other horror games such as Five Nights At Shrek’s Hotel.

Collect items

First, you have to move around the rooms to find useful items. Open the doors of the cabinets to get keys and objects. Additionally, you can search for weapons in the rooms. Once you have weapons and ammo, you can fight off granny and zombie attacks. You need to shoot correctly and hit the enemy because the number of bullets is limited.

Open the exit door

The main door will always be watched by monsters. You need to move here to unlock the locks on the door. Solid wooden bars and electric locks are installed on this exit door. You must make sure you have enough keys and items to open this exit door before moving to the main door. When you stop at the main door for too long, monsters will surround and attack you. Hope you can find a way out in this game.