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Helix Jump

About Helix Jump


Your mission is to break as many platforms as possible in Helix Jump. You will rotate the helix instead of directly controlling the ball. Have fun!

The simple graphics

In this game, you can see the 3D graphics but they're quite simple. However, you still feel fun when you enjoy this simple game. It's an endless game, so you must score many points. The simple graphics won't distract you. You can focus on the ball and get a high score. Although the graphics are simple, the movement of the helix or ball is very smooth.

Guide to getting the high scores in Helix Jump

This game is a classic game but it still gets much love from players. You won't navigate the symbol directly as in Geometry Dash Lite, you will control the helix.

Make the ball fall into the gaps

You can see the gaps between the platforms. They will appear on each floor. Now, you can rotate the helix from left or right as long as the ball falls to the lower floor. The ball only bounces at the same position, so you need to be clever. Some red platforms can break your ball. Thus, your ball should stay away from these dangerous platforms. Otherwise, you have to restart the game. To control the helix, you hold the left mouse button and drag it to rotate.

Boost the ball

The ball can be more powerful and break many platforms. The power of the ball will increase when it continuously falls into 5 gaps. Then, it can break a platform which is the 6th platforms. Besides, you also can use the power arrows. These green arrows can automatically destroy 5 next platforms. From these boosts, you can easily get many scores in this game.