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Hungry Shark Arena


About Hungry Shark Arena


Hungry Shark Arena is a food-hunting game where you will transform into a shark. Your mission is to become powerful to survive in the dangerous sea.

Start the shark hunt in this game

Sharks are always considered assassins in the ocean with their large body and agility. In this game, you will control a shark moving in the ocean in search of food. There will be other players who have the same goals as you. The last player to survive will be the ultimate winner. You need to destroy other sharks to become the winner.

How to become the final winner in Hungry Shark Arena

The smaller fish will be your food in this game. You need to eat them to increase the size of your shark. When your shark is large, you can find other sharks to attack and fight. When you destroy the last shark, the game will announce you as the winner. When you first start, you should not face other sharks directly because your shark will be very weak at this time.

Get the best score

This game has a leaderboard that shows off the best scores of all time, week, and daily. You can find your name in this leaderboard if you can get high scores in this game. You can gain many scores if your shark can eat many fish.

Change new character

This game allows you to change new kinds of fish but you need to unlock them first. The gold coins play a necessary role in opening new characters. Therefore, let's earn as many gold coins as possible. Don't forget to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere in Groomy Island where you may encounter a creepy creature.