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Ice Scream 2


About Ice Scream 2


Ice Scream 2 is the 2nd version after the success of the original. You complete the required tasks in this game. The background this time is Ice Cream's house.

Experience the tension in this game

This game will not have too many scary bloody scenes like in Deads On The Road. However, stressful tasks still make you feel excited. Many different missions in this game keep you from getting bored. All quests will take place in Ice Cream's house.

Explore more about Ice Cream 2

This is a horror-action game. You do not face scary zombies but the villain in this game is Ice Cream. He is a monster with a human body but his head is an ice cream cone. One rod was old and broken. He will destroy anyone around him.

Complete the task as directed

Each mission will be different. For example, you need to steal the villain's torch or key, turn the lights on and off to scare him, etc. Go to places with red arrows and blue lights to complete the mission. You need to be careful with Ice Cream when he moves around.

Multiple levels in this game

This game has 11 levels with increasing difficulty. In the early levels, you can easily pass and the destination is quite close to you. However, the following levels will be much more difficult. Your destination will be in the following rooms of the house. However, you can observe the location of Ice Cream through the mini-map on the screen. Always be careful because he will probably run towards you if you are discovered.