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Into The Dead Trigger


About Into The Dead Trigger


Into The Dead Trigger is a shooting horror game and you must escape from a terrible place. It's time to find the exit and kill any undead standing in your way.

Unlock many levels

This game is divided into many levels which have increasingly difficult levels. You must unlock the level one by one. At each level, you must try your best to escape from the city. All the world is dominated by zombies, so you also defeat many zombies on the way. Otherwise, they will kill you.

How to escape from the city in Into The Dead Trigger

You will wake up in a room and your mission is to escape from the city. Many undead walk around the building, streets, etc. You need to open the door and face them.

Shoot the zombies

Don't let zombies access your character. You must kill them before they can attack you. These creatures can appear everywhere, so it's better to look around. Some of them even attack your leg. You can use knives or guns to kill these creepy creatures. For me, guns are the best way to kill zombies. Sometimes, you also need to replenish HP by collecting first aid.

Find the other survivors

You are not only the final survivor because someone stays alive in the city. You can walk through the apartment and unlock the doors to save them. Of course, then you can go to the exit door to pass the new level. Good luck to you! There are many other battles against zombies on our website. One of them is Resident Evil 4.

Game control

  • Click the left mouse button to fire
  • Press WASD to walk around
  • Left Ctrl to crouch
  • Press X to prone
  • Press Q to lean left
  • Press E to lean right
  • Press the spacebar to jump
  • Press F to use item
  • F for throwing grenades.