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Night Watchmen Stories: Zombie Hospital


About Night Watchmen Stories: Zombie Hospital


Night Watchmen Stories: Zombie Hospital is a horror game set in a hospital with hundreds of zombies. You need to survive and fight the zombies here.

Setting in this game

You are a watchman in a dark and creepy hospital which is covered by tons of zombies. The background is designed with a dark theme which increases the tense atmosphere in this game. In the dark, the undead roam in the hospital. They are willing to kill any survivor. Therefore, you must grab the weapon and attack them first.

Horror elements

Besides the tense atmosphere, the jump scares also create the thrill of this game. A zombie suddenly jumps to you with the terrible scream in the quiet air that can make you startle. The zombies with the horror details distribute the success of the game. You also can experience horror elements in other games such as FNAF Final Purgatory.

How to survive in Night Watchmen Stories: Zombie Hospital

Combat or evasion

When encountering zombies or other hostile creatures, you may have the option to fight or avoid them. Evaluate the situation and decide whether it's best to engage in combat or try to evade enemies to conserve resources and stay alive. If combat is necessary, aim for headshots or their weak points to dispatch enemies more efficiently.

Manage your resources

In this survival horror game, resources such as ammunition, and health packs, are often limited. Be mindful of your inventory and resource management. Prioritize using items when necessary and conserve resources whenever possible. It's essential to make strategic decisions to ensure you have what you need to survive.

Game control

  • WASD to walk around
  • Swipe the mouse to look around
  • Click the left mouse button to fire
  • Click the right mouse button to aim
  • If you want to change to another weapon, scroll the mouse wheel
  • Press the G key to throw grenades
  • Press the R key to reload
  • Press E key to pick up items
  • Use left shift to run
  • Use left Ctrl to crouch
  • Press the spacebar to jump.