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Poppy Huggie Escape


About Poppy Huggie Escape


Poppy Huggie Escape is about the escape of a little boy. A creepy monster is chasing him and he needs your help to run away. Don't hit the obstacles!

This game includes features of horror games and running games. Your mission is to control the boy to run away from Poppy Huggie. That is a huge monster and it has a big mouth with tons of sharp teeth. Be quick and be exact!

What happens?

A little boy has a nightmare and he is chased by a terrible monster. He must run as quickly as possible. If he stops or hits any obstacles, he will be caught by the monster. The dark air in this game makes it more creepy. Hope that you can help this boy escape from the nightmare.

How to escape in Poppy Huggie Escape

On the way, there are many obstacles such as chairs, spikes, wooden boxes, etc. Don't let them stop your character!

Collect enough of the keys

To escape from the nightmare, he needs to take enough keys on the road. For example, at the first level, the boy must have 28 keys to exit the nightmare. Just move the character through the keys to grab them. Sometimes, you must skip the keys to keep your character safe.

Overcome the obstacles

As I mentioned, there are many barriers on the way. Some of them can kill the boy like sharp spikes. You can crouch to pass the spikes. If they are chairs or boxes, let's jump over them. Remember that you don't have time to stop and take a breath because Huggy Wuggy continuously chase after you

Game control

You just need to use the up arrow to jump up and press the down arrow to crouch. Remember that jumping or crouching on time is very important. The character will run automatically, so you just need to navigate him. For more fun games, Time Shooter is worthy to try.