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Time Shooter


About Time Shooter


Time Shooter is a unique shooting game and you will own a special ability. In this game, you must kill red enemies before they shut down you. Good luck!

You think that all the action game has the fast-paced gameplay but everything will change in this game. You possess the ability to control time. You can make time go by fast or slow. Remember that time only passes as you move. You also can prove your shooting skill through the Maze of Death.

Protect your character

Your character has only one life. He will die as soon as he is shot. Therefore, ensuring the character's safety is extremely important. Be both offensive and defensive. After you kill all the enemies, you can pass the stage. Many attractive levels are waiting for you.

Kill all enemies in Time Shooter

When entering battle, there will be no teammates by your side. Alone you have to fight a lot of enemies. Now, it's time to show that you are a pro shooter.

Grab the gun and fire

For starters, you will own a pistol. You can discard this gun to pick up other guns. You can even grab enemy weapons as they fall. Use the target icon to aim at the enemy. Aim right and take them down with one shot! This clash will be a test to test your shooting skills.

Avoid the enemies' bullet

Your enemies will also be equipped with modern weapons and they'll try to attack you. You can control the time. Take advantage of this to be able to avoid enemy bullets. If your character is hit by a bullet, the game will end immediately.