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Shotgun Roulette


About Shotgun Roulette


Shotgun Roulette is a shooting game that tests your courage. If you win, you will receive a large amount of money. Remember that your opponent is a monster.

Shooting game that challenges the mind

This is a dangerous game that appeared early in Russia. You and your opponent will stand facing each other and both will use the same gun. This game is designed in an antique style with old details that make the game more scary. The villain is drawn with a scary face and long arms. You need to win this monster through many rounds.

How to win Shotgun Roulette

You and your opponent will take turns holding guns and shooting at yourself or your opponent. This game not only requires logical thinking but you also need a little luck.

Try your luck

You will see a gun on the table. You and your opponent will take turns holding guns with different bullets. There are two types of guitars: live round and blank. If you are hit by a blank bullet, you will be safe. However, if you are hit by a live round, you will lose one health. You need to see and count the number of bullet types to have reasonable strategies. In addition, always pay attention to your health through the energy rays on the screen. From there, supplement blood appropriately.

Use items

This game will give some useful items for this game. The handcuffs will cause your opponent to lose their turn. Beer cans will help you remove a bullet from your gun without firing. Medicine is a necessary item to replenish your health. Finally, you use the knife to increase the gun's damage. For some horror games, you can try to stay alive in Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel.