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Slice Rush


About Slice Rush


Slice Rush is a skill game to challenge the player's speed and skill. You need to use a knife to slice fruits and foods on a moving conveyor belt.

Necessary skills of a chef in this game

A good chef has nice recipes and excellent slicing skills. In this game, you will not cook but show off your slicing abilities. Any food on a moving line needs to be sliced. This game has eye-catching colors and addictive gameplay that makes many players enjoy it. This entertaining game is suitable for all players of all ages including children. With a little ingenuity and agile hands, you can conquer this game. You also can play some thrilling games such as Moto X3M if you're bored with this game.

When can you beat a level in Slice Rush

Keep an eye on the progress bar on the screen. If this progress bar is full, you can pass a level. How to make this progress bar full?

Slice all food items on the line

The chain will move the food items closer to the knife. At this point, you just need to lower the knife to slice the food that comes close. You keep serving continuously to continuously slice these types of foods. If you don't act quickly, these foods will be lost on the conveyor belt. At this time, you will not be able to get back the food that was taken away.

Some dangerous objects on conveyor belt

The iron cutting boards are added to the conveyor belt. These boards are very solid, so they can make your knife disabled for some second. Therefore, it's better to avoid colliding these boards. Some saws are more dangerous than the boards in this game. These saws can break your knife immediately and you'll lose this game. So, you must dodge these hazardous saws as soon as they appear on the belt.