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Slide In The Woods

About Slide In The Woods


Slide In The Woods gives you the feeling of fear when playing the slide. What scary thing is lurking in the forest where the slide is located? You need to discover it.

You will have the opportunity to play in the first-person perspective which brings the most realistic feeling during the adventure The murky space in the woods will make you feel scared. You just need to play the slide to be safe in this game.

Play on the slide

There is a special slide in a forest which only has tall trees. This is very creepy. Who puts the slide here? In this game, you must slide continuously even at night. You can't stop because the bad force is looking at you. They can attack you anytime you stop. You can see the enemies clearly during the day. However, it's dark and it's even hard to locate the slide. You can use a flashlight to light the space. You are alone and you will play on the slide in the forest at night. Are you brave enough?

What makes Slide In The Woods so appealing?

It has turned outdoor activities into online games. If you had to go out for a slide, now you can do it by playing this game. You just need to sit on the bow chair to relax. However, the atmosphere of the game is a bit murky which makes you shy. You can adjust the sensitivity of the game. From there, your movements will also be much smoother. Do you love games with a creepy atmosphere like this one? If yes, you can experience Hungry Lamu for yourself when you need to help the hungry Lamu.

Game control

Use WASD or arrow keys to play this game.