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Survivor In Rainbow Monster


About Survivor In Rainbow Monster


Survivor In Rainbow Monster gives you many mini games with different rules. You will have many interesting experiences when participating in this game.

Many different mini games

Instead of just having a play through the game, this game gives you a whole new feature set. There will be many pretty mini games integrated in this game. They will have different rules of the game. So, every time you join a mini game, you should know what your mission is. You may have to find the blocks, feed the monsters, fix the machine, etc.

Some common points of mini games in Survivor In Rainbow Monster

In each minigame, you have the different mission.

Survive to the end

The mini games are all survival games. You may have to face a giant monster walking around or fight other opponents. Whatever the circumstances, you still have to try to survive to the end. Take down your opponents before they attack you and hide in the box when encountering monsters. Move skillfully to avoid dangers.

Use diamonds to unlock mini games

Mini games are not available. You need to have enough diamonds to unlock them. After each time you complete the mission, you will get a diamond. If you want to experience the mini games quickly, you can watch the ads to earn more diamonds.

Unlock many new skins

You can change new skins for your Among Us character. You can turn him into a chef or Santa Claus. These special outfits may delight you. Will you be able to unlock all these skins?

Game control: Use arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to hide. You also can experience a horror game with simple control is 21 Rooms.