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Tunnel Rush


About Tunnel Rush


Tunnel Rush is a speed game where you will play in first person. Avoid colliding with red obstacles to get as far as possible in this game. Good luck!

Move in colorful tube

You will move in a tube designed from different platforms with different colors. This vibrant color sometimes distracts you from your goal. Always keep an eye out for obstacles coming your way. Quickly find a way to dodge them. Otherwise you will lose this speed game.

How to go far in Tunnel Rush

There are no jungle points or checkpoints in this game. It is an endless game similar to Slope 3. Your target is to run for long distance.

Avoid hitting red objects

The red objects are your enemies in this game. They can destroy anything and stop your journey. Because of their danger, staying away from them is essential in this game. These platforms can move and their movement speed is getting faster and faster. You also need to improve your speed to solve these difficulties.

Combination of two keys

You need to use left and right keys to move left or right. Combine them well. This can be quite difficult for new players but practice can help you improve this ability. Do not try to press these two keys at the same time. You can also play this game on your phone and touch the screen to play. What are you waiting for? This game with simple control is waiting for you.