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Vex 3 Xmas


About Vex 3 Xmas


Complete many actions in this game

Vex 3 Xmas is a Christmas-themed online game that still keeps the attractive gameplay of the Vex series. Reaching the portal in the maze is your target.

This game has outstanding stages which are different from other games like Moto X3M. In this game, to enter a stage, you also need to overcome a tough road. The stages are hidden in many blocks of a maze and you need to find these blocks. Then, you stand on these blocks and press the down arrow to enter the stages. This action makes this game more interesting than the other action games. The main character is still a stickman who needs to explore many mazes in this game.

How to win Vex 3 Xmas

In the maze, there is a green portal that can help you escape from the maze and complete the stage. You need to move around the maze to find this portal. Of course, you have to face many obstacles and deadly traps in the maze.

Understand some blocks

Besides blocks with act, you can find many other blocks which are arranged randomly. Each kind of block has different features that are useful or harmful to your adventure. Some purple blocks are very weak. These blocks will fall when your stickman stands on them. However, these purple will recover after that. The yellow bouncing blocks can push your stickman to a high position. You experience and search for more blocks when you play this stickman game.

Don't touch the spikes saws

The moving saws or sharp spikes can kill your stickman, so don't touch them by all means. The spikes can't move, so it's easier than the movable saws. You can learn the saws' movement and dodge them at the right time. If your stickman is destroyed, you can continue the adventure with checkpoints. The checkpoints are the flags that turn green.